Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New Flag for Austraklian and New Zealand Nationhood-Republic

New Flag Republic Au & NZ

Tuesday 15th January 2019

The Oath of Allegiance to the Republic of Australia and New Zealand:

We Swear by the Spirit of the Land and by God Almighty to remain steadfastly loyal to Our Land and Our Nation, come what may. We swear by the Spirit of Our Land and by the God Almighty to remain loyal to the Republic of Australia and New Zealand through all threats, adversity and tribulation, through drought and flood, plenty or poverty.

When we War on behalf of our Land, Nation, Republic and Peoples we will War not for glory, not for honour nor wealth, we will War for FREEDOM; only FREEDOM is worth the ultimate sacrifice.

May the Spirit of the Land Go With Us, and may the God Almighty Send Us Good Fortune.

Council of Elders

Indigenous Peoples of Australia and New Zealand


Republic of Australia and New Zealand.



Republic of Australia and New Zealand.


Tuesdasy 15th January 2019

We always respect those who have lived and fought and died, men and women, during the Wars of Colonial Australia and New Zealand and during the Wars in which the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of New Zealand were engaged during the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries.

Men and Women went to War under a different flag, the flag with the English neanderthal NATO union jack prominent.

While we, the ANZAC Military Forces, will War under a different banner, under a different flag in this new era, they were no less honourable than us, no less courageous, no less brave. Many made the ultimate sacrifice needlessly, many were deliberately murdered by the corruption, greed and to prevent from presenting a future threat to the english-catholic neanderthals-minions who stayed at home.

In all the conflicts in which Australians and New Zealanders were involved, they were betrayed by the English, by European neanderthals and often they fought against their own kind. They fought against other cro magnons being betrayed by their neanderthal masters or criminals leaders, just as we were.

Many good, honest cro magnons, on both sides, died needlessly, in foreign lands, with the hopelessness of betrayal in their gut and hearts.

Australians and New Zealanders, with our self-determination carefully documented and sacred, a new flag or banner under which to War and Rally, with new hope for the future in our hearts, new respect for our Land and each Other, we go forth into the future with optimism.

As our soldiers and pilots, and sailors will go into battle flying their very own flag; the battle cry will be FREEDOM ...FREEDOM....FREEDOM.


La Journal Societe' Metamorphosee'


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Monday, January 14, 2019


UNWG-IPES Unit-To assist with the difficulties facing the Trump Administration, to end the impasse due to Congress blocking supply because of the 'Wall', The IPES Unit ordered the existing structure bombed, and end any chicanery between the Democrats and Republicans in the democratic Governance of the USA, or what remains of the USA.

The World's censored media, mostly censored by the USA->CIA-John Browne Assoc. has not yet permitted any info about the social liberal north opting out of the Republic to come under the Administration of the UN World Government and the State of Canada.

Unbelievable perhaps, but true. The dividing line is the Mason Dixon Line, created about 1830.

There is another incident or occurrence to censor, the CIA-FBI red pens will be busy in Wilmington and Arkansas.

Begining in Friday 11th Jan, Forex Investors/Speculators around the world started dumping the greenback. So desperate were they to get rid of their US Dollars, they offered $US10-15 for $Au1.00.The US Dollar went into freefall, floated not by a Presidential or Government decree or decision, or by the USA Reserve, but by commercial interests around our Planet. Politically, the power (whoever they be?) that be in the ol' USA and now the Confederacy, prevented Obama, now Trump from revaluing the greenback, others have now made that long overdue decision.

The international perception is that the USA (Confederacy)-NATO (Vatican)-Merry 'Ol England are a lost cause, their politics and objectives unattainable, has obviously triggered commercial or business decisions to dump the green back.

The lyrics of a song, 'Money makes the world go around,' was true in the 1930s, is true now and will be true long into the future.

In the past, business or commerce were profit focused, whatever political decisions favoured business or commercial activity, were good; there is no doubt in NATO, and Vatican controlled Europe, 'greed was always good, even good for the 'soul' perhaps', perhaps even good for the God Almighty.

However, in the new 21st millennium, which it seems has ushered in a new era, or another renaissance hopefully, those who worshipped 'marmon', those who worshipped profits and gold above all else, have fallen victim to the seven deadly sins, victims of their own stupidity and greed.

The 'greed is good coterie' now face a lifetime in the work-house or debtors prison.

The 'weak-ones or low caste', educated, intelligent homo sapien workers, honest social liberals, who believed so strongly Martin Luther King's dream of equality and freedom, will now be rewarded; after waiting for so long, they will indeed be rewarded, beyond their wildest dreams.


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Friday, January 11, 2019

ANZAC MF Sucessfully Use Force of Arms in NSW; NSW Now Back in Aussie & NZ Federation

11th January 2019

On Thursday 10th January 2019, at approximately 09:00 Hrs AESDST, (also Central Time 09:00 Hrs and West Time 09:00 Hrs) the following Proclamation was affixed to the doors of the Town-halls of the Capital Cities of the State of New South Wales (Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne), South Australia (Adelaide), Queensland (Brisbane), Tasmania (Hobart), West Australia (Perth) and Northern Territory State (Darwin).

These States comprise the Federation of Australian States granted Independence on 1st January 1901 by the British Colonial Office of the then Country of Great Britain.

The appropriate name of the State was inserted in the various Proclamations.


On this day, Thursday 10th January 2019, the Republic of the Australia and New Zealand declares that the States of New South Wales will resume Membership of the Federation of Australian and New Zealand States after being occupied by insurrectionists and non-secular interests and derelict in its obligations and responsibilities as a Member of our Continental-Regional Federation.

As of this day, the Republic of Australia and New Zealand will used Force of Arms to ensure that the State of New South Wales will remain forever a Member of the Federation of Australian and New Zealand States.

Never again will the Government or Citizens of the Republic of Australia and New Zealand tolerate such mischievous and divisive chicanery that has has been perpetrated by the current British Royal House and the non-secular religion-churches of the North Atlantic Treaty organisation (NATO) and non-secular religion-churches States of the 1946 United Nations (the 'old' UN – non-secular New York-USA).

This Proclamation likewise also confirms the other States, as Listed, will remain Members of the Federation of Australian and New Zealand States, using Force of Arms if necessary, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, West Australia, Northern Territory, North Island (NZ) and South Island (NZ).

May God Damn to Hell all those who plan, plot and scheme to put asunder the Federation of Australian and New Zealand States.

May the Spirit of Land refuse to resume the remains of those who plan, plot and scheme to put asunder the Federation of Australian and new Zealand States.

President Professor C Charman,

Republic of Australia and New Zealand

Affixed are the initials of the Senior Officers of the ANZAC Military Forces,

Republic of Australia and New Zealand.

*****************END OF PROCLAMATION*************************

11th January 2019

The Republic of Australia and New Zealand Military Forces does not observe the so-called 'Rules of War' encapsulated in the various Geneva Conventions.

The Senior Officers are of the opinion that these Geneva Conventions have only been formulated to nobble or inhibit the operations of cro magnons armies-military units (social liberals or secular religious--protestant-muslim-bhuddist-hindu Armies).

On 9th January 2019, during the Battle of Villawood, the commencement of the campaign to re-unite the Federation of Australian and New Zealand States, Republic of Germany-Austrian Army units (believed to be SS), brought to Australia by the British War Office (alien John Johnson Brown), attempted to make and deploy mustard gas to 'flush out' the ANZAC Army Units occuping a well defended position. This was prevented and in retaliation and faced with a numerically superior enemy, approximately 9,000, Australian Airforce Units used anti-personnel bombs and napalm to end the 'gas' attack.

Furthermore, the puppet Prime Minister of the so-called Commonwealth of NSW or Australia, Scott Morison, along with Peter Dutton, illegal immigrant and alleged murderer from Germany and Helmut (Alfred) Cormann, both Ministers of the bogus Commonwealth Government, have been arrested.

Prime Minister J Fitzgibbon,

Republic of Australia and New Zealand.


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Monday, January 07, 2019


The Phantom celebrates 80 years fighting injustice

Australian comic book Phans, as they call themselves, are among the masked hero's most devoted followers.

By Julian Lewis

11 February 2016 — 3:22pm

Whether it was reading the comic surreptitiously under the sheets as a child, or just having seen the 1996 movie that starred Billy Zane as the legendary jungle ruler, many of us are familiar with The Phantom.

But for the benefit of those who came in late, as many a classic Phantom adventure yarn began, it was a Missouri-born writer, Lee Falk, who came up with the idea of the costumed Ghost Who Walks and his apparently immortal status. Or, as he is also known, The Man Who (seemingly) Cannot Die.

Is there a Phantom in Our Midst?


Frew Publications has published the Phantom comic in Australia since 1948. The publishers were unsure how it would sell so did not number the edition as number one as they weren't certain there would be a number two. Original editions in mint condition now sell for $10,000.

Frew Publications has published the Phantom comic in Australia since 1948. The publishers were unsure how it would sell so did not number the edition as number one as they weren't certain there would be a number two. Original editions in mint condition now sell for $10,000.CREDIT:KING FEATURES, HEARST HOLDINGS COURTESY OF FREW PUBLISHING

This week, on February 17, it will be 80 years since Falk's first Phantom story, The Singh Brotherhood, appeared in American newspapers in 1936. The rest, as the say, is comic history. And Australian comic book Phans are among the most devoted, for the masked hero's exploits have long struck a chord with readers down under, more so than in Falk's native United States. Even though The Phantom pre-dated both Batman and Superman, he never reached the same heights of comic superstardom there.

Perhaps it was The Phantom's initially very non-American character, or the fact that he had no superpowers, only his wits, skills and a physique honed by a lifetime of fighting evildoers from his secret Skull Cave that appealed more to Australian Phans, as they call themselves.


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Friday, December 28, 2018

La Journal Societe' Metamorphosee'

La Journal Societe' Metamorphosee'

A Journal of the J9 Research Group

Primary Research Group

UN-WG International Political & Economic Stability Unit (IPES)

Thursday 28th Dec 2018


Humanity cro magnon civilisation is going through a period of unpresedented change, a 'societial metamorphose'.

Cro magnons, the hairless, biped which is superceding the neanderthal species throughout Planet Earth, and arguably throughout the universe is now approaching a point in it's ascendent position where the more erudite cogatators, ruminators and thinkers, need to interpret a series of events of the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries for themselves, their children, youth and Citizenry.

Less than 20 years ago, Citizens of the species 'Family Biped, Genus Homonid, species homo sapiens or cro magnon' learned that they had been sharing their planet, the hospitable habitat Planet Earth, with another Family Biped' species, Genus Simian, species erectus or thought to be extinct, neanderthals.

The grief, sorrow, pain, poverty, suffering inflicted by Simian erectus on Member of Homonid cro magnon -homo sapiens has been unspeakable, and for many caused a hiatus of their psychologies, which made many of them unable to recall the memories of their torror, pain, fear and suffering- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

La Journal Societe' Metamorposee' will attempt to interpret the causal events, involve itself in historical revisionism, provide information about the species we share our planet with, how to deal with sometimes pre-history behaviour of Genus Simian erectus, how to raise our families in such a dangerous environment, the Simian erectus' favourite source of meat or protein being the children of Homonid cro magnon, and matters of Hominid cro magnon Human Rights, Law and Order, Human Rights, Business, Commerce, Historical Revisionism and Defence, last but not least Defence. Ten years into out official Interspecies War, the Cro Magnon Armies, the Armies and Military Forces of the UN World Government have inflicted defeat after defeat on the Simian erectus Military Units, many from far distant planets.

However, the final War and Battles are now commencing; the War to Win the Peace.

The intent of La Journal Societe' Metaphosee' is to enable the Military Forces of the UN World Government to ensure every Member Nation of the UN World Government has the administrative infrastructure and capabilities which will enable their Nation and all Cro magnon Nations to Win the Peace.

If we do not Win the Peace, then the Interspecies War will be lost. The military confrontations and conflict are only half a War when in confrontation with the Simian erectus- neanderthal species. Their profession is terror, war, intimidation, subjugation, domination, nothing else....victory is not necessarily required.

What is essential is that they Win the Peace. Simian erectus - neanderthals, at the end of their military defeats, losses and subsequent capitulation or surrender, they set about Winning the Peace.

Winning the Peace is infiltration, corruption, domination, terrorisation, bribery, kidnappings of kids all of which ultimately leads to their preferred and favourite foods......? Ultimately leading them to slowly regain their former ascent, dominate position.

I say to all Cro Magnons who read La Journal Societe' Metamorphosee', read well, think, study, discuss if possible, and apply this knowledge.

La Journal of Societe' Metamorphosee', hopefully will contribute to our species, Genus Homonid cro magnon, LIVING FOREVER!

John Chapman PhD Psych


La Journal Societe' Metamorposee' will be available for download in printable A4 .pdf formation, from this location, in the first week of January 2019.


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