Wednesday 24th April 2019

Planet Y66 strategy’s scheme to kill off all Hominid cro magnons ended as our Military Units learned how vulnerable their ‘close friends’, the lizard/snakes are to various common disinfectants.

We will pass on this info to everyone using normal communication methods. Bio-diesel has also been found to be effective – particularly when ignited.

The massive losses predicted by the sympathisers of the local and alien simian mutants have not been realised.

Losses of Hominid cro magnons throughout the world have been kept to about 600,000. ( May the God Almighty have Mercy on their Souls)

The planned invasion of the Republic of Australia and New Zealand has been averted. Rapid deployments of various Regiments over long distances wreaked havoc among the replicant armies and their mercenary Planet Y06 Leaders. Tens of thousands of invaders were wiped out during intense battles; ANZAC Military Forces and UNWG Seconded Personnel suffered only light losses.

Please stay alert for more important-urgent information in the forthcoming weeks and months.



WikiPedia Friday 19th April 2019

J9 Special Operation Group

A military intelligence unit permanently seconded to the UN World Government. J9, as it is referred to, acts as a clearing house of military intelligence from Member Nations of the UN World Government.

Formed in September 1961 at the height of the cold War between the nuclear super powers, J9 was charged with preventing the nuclear self-annihilation of the human species.

It has continued in that role ever since. With the super powers Cold War ended, J9 is marshalling humanity’s communities and Military against Planet Earth neanderthals and alien neanderthals from distant planets in a ‘winner take all scenario’. A Interspecies War to the last man standing; a War to determine which species will survive, or indeed, as the neanderthals would have it, ultimately which species is superior.

For more information go to blog page —> or tumblr a new Australian & New Zealand innovation to replace the USA Goggle Plus



Thursday 18th April 2019

Report: Afrikanner-Goa, Triad, Taliban Now in Australia-Moving South to Loot, Pillage Plunder

Aliens, along with their ‘good-boy’ replicant allies, the Afrikanners, Triads, and Taliban have moved south from the Gulf of Carpentaria and Darwin towards the Sacred Areas. ANZACMF Army Units have been deployed to intercept their them.

Number of Infestation in West Riverina and along Murray River High

The number of reportd incidents of infection-occupation by alien lizard/snakes has been highest in the West Riverina and along areas/towns boardering the River Murray. Infections are also high along the eastern coastal Regions, from Newcastle to Brisbane to Townsville. Accurate records are not available as the Aliens and their Earth allies, the catholic church, Nazis, Taliban, triads have ordered a media blackout on the severity of the numbers of Citizens injured and/or dead.

Guess-ti-mations from hearsay and anecdotal information put the current figure at about 100,000 for each of the Capital Cities, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane with only a nominal number in Perth and Darwin as yet.

Anthropologists and demographers in Oceania, Asia and Europe have speculated in briefings to the IPES Unit that within the first two weeks of the deployment by Aliens and their allies, as many as 1.5 billion individuals could have persihed.



Wednesday 17th April 2019

UPDATE:- Lethal snake/worm parasite deployment by Aliens Planet Y6 & Y66

REPORT: NO EMBARGO Wednesday 17th April 2019 12:00 Hrs

In view of the prior deployment of the snake-worm parasite on Sunday14-15 April 2019, The UNWG IPES Unit and Senior Officers of the the UNWG Military Forces decided to officially release the parasite and use it to to attack Alien armies/replicants.

In numerous Member Nations the snake-worm parasite has been releases; those States include, France (Vichy France), British Isles, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Albania, Czechoslovakia and southern US Confederacy States.

In most locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, the parasite has made an appearance, particularly among the impoverished ‘poor flock’ in the Catholic areas. Lacking the initiative, intelligence, leadership and resources to treat the infection, thousands are beginning to succumb. Fatalities among the Australian and New Zealand population could amount to more than one million within a week. This will reduce AU&NZ’s population, previously ravaged by bubonic plague and tetanus (both lethal to aliens – not humans or cro magnons) and the lethal electronic gun to about 14 million, 11 million less than the 25 million the Ultra Right Wing Liberal Scott Morison Government claims. The reduction in population could possibly have resulted in the collapse of the property market – accelerated by Liquid fuel supplied FREE by UNWG->>>BUT $A1.50 at the pump?.

At the newly created Camp Paika Paika Military Base south of Australia’s largest Sacred Area, more than 690 ANZACMF Personnel were infected by the parasite in an surprise attack by drug-alcohol-soma fuelled waves by shower room romeos and juliets.

Most of these mindless robotic like replicants were cut down by automatic fire, within minutes, their cadavers consumed by the snake-worm parasites they planned to attack the ANZACs with.

Two regiments of British replicant Sandhurst personnel, ‘not quiet yet finished’, arrived earlier today, with the compliments of the UK Chancellor for the Exchequer, John Johnston Brown (Planet Y66 – arrived June 1860-Washington ready for Civil War). Like those of yesterday, they were sent packing back to the ‘old country’, to be ‘completed or finished’.

Those ANZACs infected during attacks yesterday are receiving treatment and Medical Officers expect them to recover fully. All civilians are warned that Camp Paika Paika is now a Army Proscribed Area and Trespassers will be arrested. Additionally, many of the 10,000s of snake-worm parasites used in yesterday’s attack are still located in the nearby scrub and brush. The various Army Units, clothed in special non-penetrative leggings and suits are searching the scrub to find the remainder. The ‘Protective Suit-Alien Worm Protection’, are only available so far for ANZAC Military Forces, yet for Civilian use.

The UNWG IPES Unit and Military Senior Officers anticipate that this emergency will continue until after Easter. In Australia and New Zealand Easter at this time, Easter* is no more than a Pagan Festival, which the Y6 and Y66 take full advantage of for their fund-raising raising activities and ‘meat-breeder’ harvest.

*Lutheran True Easter or True Christian Protestant Easter, Commemorating the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, is 25th June – this year the 25th June falls on Tuesday; Good Friday will be 21st of June and Easter Monday 24th June)




For Publication/Broadcast No Embargo

At a meeting called by a criminal-fundraiser gang near Maude (80 km West of Hay NSW, Australia) the lethal alien snake, bred-fed to increase it’s numbers and deployed among the fund-raiser gang, was released during a dispute or altercation between factions of the criminal gang.

The number of persons, both neanderthal and cro magnon were present at the meeting, numbered about 100. This dispute and altercation occurred about mid afternoon (about 14:30 Hrs), NSW Time or Australian Eastern Standard Time.

The spread of the alien lethal snake, at this time, is unknown, all persons near Maude, within perhaps 80-100 km, need to take precautions to prevent being infected-occupied.

Wearing long trousers or slacks, with anklets or military style ‘gaiters’ and firmly held at the top up an individual’s neck, is believed will help.

The treatment as described in an earlier announcement does work, and the infection doesn’t need to be lethal, however, treatment should commences within hours of the initial infection for the best chance of success.

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