Monday 9th September 2019


Matter of ANZAC Military Forces Veterans Association’s Allegations Relating to the Commonwealth of Australia and Catholic Church’s Management of Personnel During World War 1 and World War 2

A Writ seeking redress via punitive penalties and compensation for the unwarranted deaths, indeed alleged murders, of Australian Infantry Forces (AIF) and New Zealand Infantry Forces (NZIF) during World War and World War Two was heard by the Bench of the High Court of Australia on Monday 9th September 2019, in Adelaide, Republic of Australia and New Zealand.

The Writ was prepared and presented for hearing by the High Court of Australia and New Zealand by the ANZAC Military Forces Veterans Association.

The Writ alleged that the Commonwealth Government of Australia and Defence Department in particular knowingly and maliciously poisoned Australian Infantry Forces (AIF) and New Zealand Infantry Forces (NZIF) during World War I and World War II. The various poisons were given to the AIF and NZIF in field food rations.

It is alleged that the poisoned field rations resulted in as many as 40,000 deaths of AIF and NZIF personnel during either/both conflicts.

The ANZAC Military Forces Veterans Association is seeking punitive penalties for the current incumbents of the Commonwealth of Australia and of the State of New Zealand. The punitive penalties sought are the equivalent to those of similar wrong doing under Federal Legal Legislation.

Additionally, the ANZCMF Forces Veterans Association is seeking compensation of $A800,000 for each Personnel known to have been poisoned and died during either conflict and/or within a 12 month time frame after being repatriated to their Country of origin, either Australia or New Zealand at the completion of their military service. The Compensation is to be paid to the surviving family Members of those deceased persons, allegedly poisoned/murdered by the incumbent Governments and their Public Services during those aformentioned conflicts.


The Judges of the High Court found the allegations made in the Writ by the ANZACMF Military Forces Veterans Association Proven by the evidence supplied by their Legal Counsel.

Decisions relating to punitive penalties and compensation will be announced next week, Monday 16th September 2019.

By Order,

John Johnson Johns,
Clerk of Court,
High Court of Australia and New Zealand




September 6th 2019

ANZACMF-MPs=Military Governor, Republic of Australia and New Zealand, has given Tamil family — Nadesalingam Murugappan, ->Nades, and Kokilapathmapriya Nadesalingam, -> Priya, and their two children will not be deported-They have been given refugee status/permanent residency and ultimately Citizenship-ABCNews——

We all hope you all enjoy your new life in Australia.

On the publication of this statement, Nades, Priya and their Children will have Legal Refugee Status in our country, and ultimately can apply for Citizenship.

Field Marshal John Paine,
Military Governor,
Republic of Australia and New Zealand



TWEET 6th September

UN-WGov-ANZACMF-MPs=Melee in Brit Parl PM Thurs-shots-Members attacked>IRA>stacked numbers-ira-forced out Chamber-PM Johnston tells Speaker+Sheriff suspend=House-until BREXIT-1st Oct<>Electn? BREXIT=YES=FREEDOM<>5 lane London Bridge>removed=UN W-G-F-J9=Stand Fast Brits @ABCNews

Chaos in Westminister Parliament, a melee, shots fired and Parliamentarians stabbed by ruffians-louts. P/M Boris Johnston, with the approval of King Colin III, asserts his authority and orders a recess for the Parliament until after BREXIT on Tues 1st October.

To convince the British Isles Public the UN World Government is not an imaginative creation of the House of Wallace, the UN World Government Foreign Legion/J9 Specialist Engineers removed five lanes of the London Bridge. The five lane span has been taken to another country until after BREXIT.

If a NO CONDITIONAL BREXIT is achieved, the five spans will brought back to London and reinstalled.

As a reward for backing the courage of the majority of the Parliament on BREXIT, the UN World Government will gift/grant the British Isles People/Citizens Pound-Sterling 1 billion worth of food products, medicines and military equipment in addition to other necessities for the forthcoming winter.

British Isles Army, You will never surrender, you will stand and fight, and drive off the Huns. The British Isles must be held for the future security and FREEDOM of the World’s Cro-Magnon populations.

ORDER of the DAY:


Never Surrender, Never leave your mates behind, alive or dead!

Psalm 23;Line 4
Yea, though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, fear no evil; for the God Almighty is with you, his strength and wisdom will comfort you and protect you;
You will be doing his work!

General Danny Barrett,
Ulster Defence Regiment



Censored by Misogynist-homo alien simian EU-NATO-triad-hi caste terrorists in Repub Au&NZ


ANZACMF-MPs-Prof Psych-Most content ‘Pain & Prejudice’factually wrong+presented emotively<>example>toxic feminist dogma-ideology<>endometriosis+fallopian fertilisatn=Au&NZ-1:2600<>Author Well intentioned?-aspirin>pain=women best?manipulative-not fact-based most>‘secret women’s business’? ABC/News Australia and New Zealand

Consored, then this added

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The misconceptions of feminism are due to the lack of knowledge that there are two species on Earth; feminist dogma is predicated on the lowest common denominator behaviour, and the most dangerous to women. That of neanderthals, bavarians and afrikanner, mafia, irish, spanish moors, Canadian and French jesuits or Kanaks, south american nazis, US nazis and colonial catholics, including colonial triads, hi-caste indians and north African taliban.



Photo Top Above: UN World Government Foreign Legion Aircraft Carrier Republic Australia&New Zealand Ship (RANZS) ANZAC, Patrolling Northern Indian Ocean, off-shore Pakistan, 2019
Photo Lower Above: Republic of Australia and New Zealand Flag adopted by Republic Federal Government, January 2018. Our new Republic Flag is flying at all Military Bases, on all ANZACMF Navy Ships ‘O War and is the emblem on all ANZCMF AirForce Planes, along with a medieval griffin to ward off devils, demons, dragons and neanderthals.
ANZACMFUDRIDR – Foreign Legion AirForce Navy

MEMO FROM UN-World Government & Fifty Eight Former Great Britain Colony Member Nations

To: All Citizens British Isles & Ireland


UN-World Gov=ANZACMF-Former Colonies-GB-aid package $A1.5bill-food-medicines-for non-conditional exit-EU Union-result<>None will accept conditional exit-NEVER AGAIN lunatic-ira-nazi italian-AXIZ-NATO Eu nandie-aliens infiltrate our lands-BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH, Brits-ABCNews

For 18 months the cannibal-irish monkey nation of merry old england-british isles had no london bridge thanks to the homo hand holding birmingham ira-nazi pretty boyz-embezzlers and fundraisers to the windsors-all neanderthal elite – the UN World Government had removed it, to make things difficult, to sow discord and disharmony; Colonial sledging!;

………..have a conditional BREXIT—— bridge disappears

………..have NO CONDITIONAL BREXIT ————bridge remains

……….have a conditional BREXIT———-UN World Government Food Aid will end/stop.

……….have a NO CONDITIONAL BREXIT————UN World Government Food-Aid will continue.

The most recent vote in the Parliament the Parliament was stacked with ira pretty boyz friends of Labour’s Jeremy Corby. The Speaker and Sheriff of the House-Parliament allowed the 45 non-elected persons, i.e. Jeremy Corby’s sleepover companions, into the Parliament, have free meals in the Parliamentary Dining Room, engage in shouting matches, shouting opinions and other intimidating thuggery-bullying,…. and then………VOTE;


English, Anglos, Europeans civilised? superior?

Toro-merde, phooey, nonsense; mostly they are primitive animals, cannibals and slaves of the Vatican and it’s Masters, the aliens from whatever Planet, the English have been the El effendis of NATO, taliban and bavarians.

The above mentioned Nations and People, Victims of hundreds of years of British persecution, racism, slavery and dispossession will not allow this primitive, stoneage, royalist cult to put their Nations and Citizens at risk again.

The UN World Government Foreign Legion, AirForce and Navy are the World’s new Super Power Military Force. They issue a warning

Prisoners of Mother England – Pommies,………….BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH!