Cro Magnons have three genetic characteristics which are unique them, and sets them apart from other bipeds (neanderthals-aliens).

1/ Conscio-ability

2/ Spiritual-Religiousity

3/ Higher intelligence – about 30% higher than any other biped.

The Psalm below, is a good example of the ‘code for beliefs-life’ embodied in ALL Cro Magnon’s psychological profile. The ‘codes for beliefs-life’ are similar for all Cro Magnon spiritual-religious belief systems; True Christian or Protestant, Muslim, Bhuddist, Hindu and Animanism.


True Christian – Protestant Holy Bible, Psalm 53 – King David, while slaves to the egyptian neanderthals (aliens) or philistines

The fool (neanderthal) says in his heart,
‘There is no God’,
They are corrupt and their ways are vile;
There is not one that does good.

God (the Leaders of the spiritual religious faiths of UN World Gov. Constituents) looks down from heaven
on the sons and daughters of men
to see if anythere are any who understand, or
any who seek God.

Everyone had turned away,
they have together become corrupt;
there is not one who has done good.

Will the evil doers (the neanderthals-aliens triad-bushido-CIA-John Brown Asoc-IRA-Nazi) never learn —-

You are those who devour my people as men eat bread
and who do not call on, nor have any God?
There you were, overwhelmed with dread, as God’s People turned on you.

God scattered the bones of those
who attacked God’s People;
God’s People (Native People Constituents) put them to shame, for God despised the evil doers.

Oh, that salvation for Israel (the Our Planet) would come out of Zion (Statehood of Native Peoples)!
When God restores the fortunes of his people in their promised land,
let Jacob (the Leadership of UN World Goverment) rejoice and Israel (the World – UN World Government Constituents) be glad!

Psalm 53:1-6 (also read Psalm 27)



Above: Two Zero Fighters over Democratic-Cro Magnon China during WW II. Modified Zero jet fighters, known to the Australians as a Zippies, were used in the attack on Katherine, Mt Isa and and Tennants Creek.

In 2 bombing raids, Triads-Bushido lose 40 plus aircraft. Two of their newest aircraft carriers damaged and under tow.

Senior monkey of the bushido movement shinto abe, sleep over companion for Trump and staff, furious, spitting chips and off his sake. A Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Bomber carrying a proton bomb, on course to kill the ‘crazy one’, Field Marshal John Paine, was intercepted and crashed into sea. The detonation cause a small tsumami east of Brisbane.

So far ANZAC-MF Air Force has lost 9 of their latest fighters, valued at about $A600,000; with 4 Pilots injured and no fatalities.

FREEDOM movements of Urgarry Muslim Peoples, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Korean Bhuddists, along with those protestors-demonstrators of the former Independent Province, are fighting like tigers to prevent themselves and their families dying like dogs, being eaten by pagan monsters from planet Y66 and repo triads-bushido and Eu estonians.


We are in the midst of an international political, social, economic advancement and social metamorphosis.

A Revolution for Cro Magnons and Our Universe!…




Tetanas WMD has now been deployed through neanderthal slave world (NATO & Catholic Countries), and in many member Nations of the UN World Government. It is anticipated that as many as 100 million neanderthals will perish throughout our Planet.

Tetanas, rare throughout most of the UN World Government Member Nations is suddenly in the news with the discovery by ANZAC Military Force Medical Corps that it originated in Australia, and in some areas the tetnas bacteria count is extreme high, indicating a high possibility of lethal infections.

The incidence and prevalence of tetnas within Australia and New Zealand has been suppressed by the former Commonwealth-royalist Government and it’s primary tax collector agency, the Catholic Church, for fear it would affect the sex tourist industry and deployment of high value catholic military personnel from US, NATO and other catholic countries.

Tetnas, known by the Indigenous People of Australia and New Zealand to be the bane of European Colonialists, is suddenly on the medical pandemic agenda with the discovery by ANZAC Army Microbiologists that it is widespread in the Murray-Darling Basin Irrigation Area of south-east Australia. This Region, where water is as valuable as gold or oil in the past, long the favourite playground of European neanderthal tourist operators for their simian counterparts of NATO and other catholic countries, has the highest incidence of tetnas in the world, as many as 100 per 1000 annually, with most infections lethal.

The now dominant Cro Magnon population of Australia and New Zealand is mostly immune to the deadly disease, just as they immune to bubonic plague bacteria. Neanderthals (most catholics), on the other hand, once infected, have about a 95% fatality rate.

While the Murray-Darling Basin Area in south-east Australia, known as the Five River irrigation system, is the centre of tetnas infections, most other sex tourist areas in Australia have higher than international average incidences of infections. This is particularly true of West Australia’s south-west areas and the north-west coastal areas of the Kimberleys, Port Hedland and Broome.

A quick revue of historical documentation relating to the construction of the Snowy Mountain Hydroelectric Scheme in the 1950s, where large numbers of European displaced persons where employed, found that infection rates among the 1500 strong work force could be as high as 100 per week. Many of the displaced persons were catholic neanderthals ordered to go to Australia to help with the pacification-subjugation of the local people and the collection of tythes-taxes.

The Republic of Australia and New Zealand Government advises that tetnas are at epidemic levels throughout Australia and New Zealand and local international tourists, particularly those planning to visit the five river Murray Darling Basin area postpone their holidays. The tetnas map will be available as quickly as possible. Tourist operators are advised that prospective tourtists, local and international, should have medical insurance.

The UN World Government Military Forces and Foreign Legion are examining tetnas as a possible bacteriological Weapon of Mass Destruction for use in its war to save human civilisation and the Cro Magnons from the ‘mortlock’ alien cannibals of outer space. The aliens, for which war and terror are a sport, using the catholic church as a trojan horse to harvest our children and populations for food-meat, slaves and breeders.

More information will be available as ANZAC Army Microbiologists investigate further and develop a map of high level/risk for tetnas bacteria and infections.





A Memoirs of a Cro Magnon Royal Whore 1962 – 2008

As Related to General Danny Barrett, Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR)

Preface: Mon Uncle (a popular ‘breeder’ at the time) was invited to the House of Windsor Royal bed on one occasion (1981). In the morning, after successful fun and games,‘cos he were as aged as the Windsor Monarch, she instructed him to pull the Royal poe from under the bed.

She said, ‘Have a look, what in the poe?’ He had pulled out the poe, he said, and saw it was empty.

‘There,’ the Windsor Monarch said, ‘there’s nothing in it is there, so I must be a God’.

‘Now, here’s your ten quid, go and pick up your things at the The Soldier’s Arms (near Gatwick Airport), and be on your way. I don’t want to ever see you again’ she said.

To be published soon or indeed already hiding somewhere on the internet, or in a brown paper package in your newsagent. Also to be made into a part TV series.

To the neanderthals latin numerals, (numbers) are important.

e.g. Ques: How old are you? Ans: I can be anything you want, 2,3,8,9,10 or 0. What is your pleasure. The price varies.
Ques in a Public Library to Receptionist: I’m looking fora computer to use to send an email, I’m just travelling through here. Ans: We only have twelves (12s) here,……good ones.